Skygate International Shines at Canada Education Expo 2023 in Sri Lanka

A new chapter in the realm of educational opportunities was penned on the 8th of July 2023 as Skygate International proudly participated in the Canada Education Expo 2023. Hosted for the first time ever in Sri Lanka by the esteemed collaboration between the High Commission of Canada and the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, the event unfolded at the prestigious JAIC Hilton.

Students from across the nation flocked to the expo seeking guidance and information on Canadian study visa queries. The Skygate International booth stood as a beacon, offering comprehensive insights and addressing all concerns, embodying their dedication to steering aspiring scholars toward the path of overseas education success.

The event was a resounding triumph, drawing in numerous walk-ins, a testament to the increasing enthusiasm among Sri Lankan students for Canadian education. The expo fostered a dynamic platform for interaction, bringing together ambitious students and Skygate’s experienced experts under one roof.

Skygate International’s participation in this expo underscores its commitment to facilitating global educational pursuits. By being a guiding light for students eager to embark on their academic journey in Canada, the institution continues to shape futures and nurture dreams.

As the sun set on this successful event, the echoes of enthusiastic inquiries and insightful conversations linger. Skygate International’s active role in the Canada Education Expo 2023 stands as a testament to its dedication to fostering educational excellence and illuminating the path to international learning experiences.

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